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Web-based data collection tool OnlineCRF

3 editions to cover all types of clinical investigations

For clinical
For the medical
devices investigations
For post-approval

The list of services
will be discounted

  • Development of the technical specifications
  • Database configuration and validation
  • OnlineCRF deployment
  • eCRF development and validation
  • System maintenance
  • Technical support
  • Hard lock
  • Backup

All companies that placed an order from
12 September – 31 October will have
€ 10 000 discount on EDC
implementation and support

Questions remain?

and our Data Manager
will contact you to answer

What if you have no actual
project today?

Reserve your € 10 000
discount voucher
For 1 EDC project
Valid from 12 September 2019 to 31 December 2019
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