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General Idea of Pharmaxi partnership program

A modern clinical trial is complex and multidimensional. Services in clinical trials should be of high quality and be time- and cost-effective. We believe that the most effective way to achieve this objective is to create a platform that unites the strengths of small- and medium-sized CROs.

Pharmaxi offers you the opportunity to join the network and become a partner, focusing on five core activities and ready to share non-core activities with existing members.

As a CRO, we often receive requests relating to countries we cannot cover. Additionally, customers require some activities which are not our core activities, and we redirect these requests to other CROs.

We wish to focus on Data Management activities, and we are concentrating on OnlineCRF development. So, requests considered non-core activities and redirects to the members of the Partnership Network.

We also encourage the sharing of non-core activities between members and when a company involved in the Partnership Network subcontracts an activity and engages another company within the network, it is beneficial for both.

If you would like to join the Pharmaxi Partnership Network, please fill in the application form.

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