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Electronic data collection system

for any type of clinical investigation

Do you face

How to choose the EDC system?

How to understand if the system fits your project needs?

How to configure the system according to your project needs?

This is no longer a problem
Simply provide us with study Protocol and CRF and
you will receive
a ready-to-go system
to collect clinical data
OnlineCRF provides as a protocol-base preconfigured tool

We know that no two projects are alike. Significant variability of study designs puts a high pressure on the person who is responsible for selecting a proper data collection tool. Software development companies strive to create very flexible tools for clinical investigations. However, the more flexible they become, the more challenging such system is to implement. Our team has found an elegant solution: to use your protocol and CRF and provide you with a fully configured and validated EDC system. OnlineCRF and our procedures make clinical data collection an easy task for client.

How do we attain full compatibility with study protocol

The main challenge is that the study protocol and other conventional clinical trial documents can not be used as requirements for IT solutions. Very important aspects which are critically needed for EDC system configuration often remain obscure. This gap between clinical trial documentation and EDC system requirements often leads to insufficiency of important data. Sometimes, trials fail when some deficiencies are identified after the clinical data has been collected. To mitigate these risks, our team develops a set of internal project-specific documents and carefully checks all features within the configured OnlineCRF. If some inconsistencies occur, we sort them out before our EDC system starts collecting.

OnlineCRF fits
a variety of trial and study designs
Clinical Trials
I-IV phase
  • Randomized/non- randomized;
  • Blinded/unblinded;
  • Stratified;
  • Comparative, crossover;
  • Single or multi-country
Postmarketing studies
  • Observational, epidemiologic, retrospective;
  • Large-scale: up to 300 sites, up to 50 000 patients;
  • Single or multi-country
Long term projects
  • Disease registries;
  • Product registries;
  • Medical device registries
OnlineCRF complies with the industry standards
OnlineCRF features
Secured access
Only authorized person has access to data
Data pre-validation
Before data is saved to the database, it is checked against applicable ranges. Invalid data will not be saved to DB
AE/SAE reporting
Reporting form will notify the PV department via e-mail
Multiple users
System supports different roles: doctor, monitor, project manager, CTL and others
Query generation
In case of presence of questionable data, a CRA can generate queries and resolve them.
Any type of randomization can be set up before data collection is started
Easily monitor the progress of study
Calculated values
Some data points can be calculated automatically based on the previously entered data
Digital Signature
Principal investigator can sign CRFs which have been populated and checked
Need more details?
We will conduct a tour and give you advice of how to design a project and what aspects should be taken into account before the study begins
What makes us different
Easy to set up
OnlineCRF is the simplest way to perform clinical data management. With us, you won’t have to deal with the massive volume of documentation or extensive training. Just provide us with basic documents and watch our team work.
Fit to project needs
OnlineCRF was built like Lego. Required modules rapidly dock to each other and configure according to project needs. Available user accounts will be open for your assessment before the system will be shifted to production mode.
We compete in pricing with other companies which provide you the EDC solution “as is”. Our competitive advantage is that we save your time and efforts, outsourcing the most challenging activities: set up, configuration and per-project validation.
Free quote for your specific project

We will make a rough calculation of the full set of activities: from the familiarization with study protocol up to the data export


"Pharmaxi LLC maintains the high professional level of personnel and clear processes aimed at goals achievement. We recognize Pharmaxi LLC as a trustworthy partner with a responsible attitude to their obligations and consider them to be a team of experts in the profile activity. We recommend Pharmaxi LLC as a reliable and stable business partner."

Alla Gontar, Medical Head

"We’ve been working with Pharmaxi since 2014 in frame of epidemiological multicentre study in Ukraine and the Baltic countries in the field of hepatitis C. We are satisfied with the work of the team that demonstrates the high level of professionalism and quality in the design and management of clinical databases.”

Galyna Bryn, Ukraine & CIS Medical manager
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