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Quick start

Provide initial data to calculate the price:
• Phase/Study type
• Number of subjects
• Number of Sites
• Duration of the data collection
• Number of visits
• Approx. number of unique forms

Simply provide us with blinded study Synopsis and we will calculate the price and send the offer to you

Following steps:
step 1
  • Calculate preliminary price
  • Adjust and agree the final price
step 2
  • Sign the agreement
  • Protocol and CRF provision to our team
step 3
  • Protocol familiarization by our team
  • Data Management Plan development
step 4
  • System requirements development
  • Data management plan development
step 5
  • CRF annotation
  • Approval of all documents by customer
step 6
  • OnlineCRF system deployment
  • OnlineCRF configuration
step 7
  • eCRF implementation
  • Edit checks configuration
step 8
  • OnlineCRF and eCRF validation
  • Preparation of the full set of validating documents
step 9
  • Configured system assessment by client representative
  • User acceptance test
step 10
  • Access granting to all users
  • Training of all users
step 11

Move the OnlineCRF system to production mode

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