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OnlineCRF: Our main value

We save the customer time

Time is the most valuable resource. And in small and medium companies, it is often limited. EDC selection and management is a task that is really important for the success of the clinical study. Requirements of the EDC system, configuration, and validation are the time-consuming tasks, and you can reduce this burden by transferring these tasks to our OnlineCRF team.

As a result, you get a ready-to-use tool to collect clinical data.

Our IT solutions inspired by clinicians

Since 2013, OnlineCRF development has been inspired by its two co-founders, who are doctors and clinical trial experts.

The system was originally designed to meet the needs of small CRO Pharmaxi.

Therefore, it takes into account many functions and subtle settings that are important for users from small and medium-sized companies.

Internal test lab for new features

EEach new OnlineCRF feature is tested by direct users: CRO Pharmaxi's monitors and project managers. If it works well, it implements the new version of OnlineCRF.

Real-life feedback allows for the improvement and development of the most effective features and tools.

OnlineCRF: built for clinical trials by clinical experts
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