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Pharmaxi partnership benefits

It’s free
No payments and no fees are needed
New requests and RFPs
You will have new requests on your services from other members
12% discount on EDC system
Discount on a full set of services on electronic data collection system OnlineCRF


All companies placed on the page Existing partners belong to Pharmaxi Partnership Network. These companies receive requests from Pharmaxi, based on their geographic location and their areas of the deepest expertise in clinical trial field. Also we encourage communication between members and sharing trial activities among them.

This website section serves as a platform to unite strengths of small and medium-sized companies to deliver time- and cost-efficient solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We believe that dynamic alliances of companies with a deep experience in specific areas is a good alternative to the one big provider.

Pharmaxi plays a role of technical provider who supports and updates webpage “Partners” at Presently, Pharmaxi is focused on improvement of the proprietary EDC system. Therefore, we redirect non-core requests from sponsors to companies which belong to Pharmaxi Partnership Network. Also, we encourage peer to peer communication and sharing of the Sponsor-requested activities among the existing members.

Benefits for the actual members of the Pharmaxi Partnership Network:

Networking amongst companies which are experienced in different areas of clinical trials allows partners to receive inquiries and new RFPs.

Platform to find answers to specific questions.

Access to the private LinkedIn group to share information and receive requests.

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