OnlineCRF pricing

What factors are taken into account when calculating the price?

General study design
  • interventional
  • non-interventional
  • randomized
  • comparative
  • non-comparative
Visit matrix
  • Number of visits
  • Number of variables
  • Duration of data collection
Study team
  • Number of sites
  • Number of CRA accounts
  • Total number of accounts

How to get a price for your specific project

The price is calculated on an individual basis (per specific project), so please fill out the form and we will send you the initial estimate within 24 working hours. If the initial estimate is acceptable, we will sign a confidentiality agreement and request additional details (i.e. Synopsis, draft CRF and draft Protocol). After that, we will provide you with a final price and be ready to start the project..

Services that we provide by default

We are obsessed with a quality of services and customer satisfaction. Our EDC service provides value added benefits by including the following activities:

Protocol and CRF audit
Preparation of the system requirements and validation plan

We will provide annotated CRF, system requirements, data management and validation plan before system set-up and configuration.

System set-up and validation

We provide a full set of validating documents to prove that the system is properly configured in accordance with specific protocol (Edit check specification, system set-up report, system validation report).

Need more details?
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