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Our main product - Data Capture System for clinical trial OnlineCRF

OnlineCRF is a data management system which is also one of the most progressive clinical software programs on the market. During our years of development, we have developed unique features and efficient working solutions. It takes us a couple of weeks to deploy and configure the system for clinical database management.

OnlineCRF is configured by a dedicated project team according to each study protocol. All development processes are based on standard operation procedures, which are fully compliant with GCDMP.

The clinical trial database is stored on various protected servers around the world, meaning that data can be restored even if one of the servers is significantly damaged.

OnlineCRF has an easy and user-friendly interface. Simple data entry workflow helps investigators to be more efficient. We are one of the few CROs which covers all stages of system configuration and validation. After configuring OnlineCRF, our specialists provide training for Sponsor representatives. We also remain in contact during the data collection period and provide you with a full range of support services.

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