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About EDC system vendor OnlineCRF

OnlineCRF is a system developed under the supervision of the experts at Pharmaxi LLC.


Since 2013 Pharmaxi has been operating as a full-service contract research organization. We received numerous requests to manage interventional trials and non-interventional studies. In some cases, Sponsor didn’t possess enough resources to pay for the vast electronic data collection systems, and we used paper CRF. One day we realized that the workload to manage paper forms was huge, and we decided to develop a data collection tool combining the necessary modules to collect data and monitor its collection.

We attracted significant investment to create a fast, simple and flexible solution for the clinical trial industry. We assembled a great IT team and worked hard for two years to develop OnlineCRF. This system perfectly fit the needs of small and medium pharmaceutical companies as well as CROs.

At first, the system worked as the primary tool to collect data in the clinical trials which were managed by Pharmaxi. These projects gave us fast feedback from the Clinical Operation department, and we optimized functions, user interface and other parts of OnlineCRF. Reliable communication between Clinical Operation, Data Management, and the IT department made OnlineCRF a convenient tool to collect data in clinical trials.

In the end, Pharmaxi became a dedicated provider of electronic data collection services for multiple pharmaceutical manufacturers and CROs.

Our mission

Our main motivation is our goal to enhance innovation speed in the pharmaceutical industry via technological solutions.

It is generally understood that the data collection procedure is time- and effort-consuming. We strive to make OnlineCRF and operating procedures as efficient as possible. As a result, OnlineCRF configures two times faster than competitors, and it reduces the data collection longevity and speeds up the investigational program.

Our team
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