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About OnlineCRF — company-vendor of EDC system

OnlineCRF is a system developed under the supervision of the clinical experts.

Our mission

Our mission is to increase the speed of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, guiding innovative products faster through the research phase. We see our role as a provider of the best-in-class electronic data capture solutions.

How we differ

OnlineCRF is a vendor of EDC systems for conducting clinical trials.

Our experience of the actual clinical trials and postmarketing studies have given us a clear understanding of the needs of CRO and pharmaceutical companies in clinical data collection.

Among other things, we saw that small companies do not always have the ability to maintain a Data Management department. Therefore, we created an EDC system that is fully configurable for the client by our Data Managers. There is no need to hire data managers or outsource EDC configuration to other companies. You will get ready-to-go EDC, which is completely configured in strict accordance with the study protocol. Just log in and manage your clinical study.

An all-in-one solution gives you an easy, fast, and cost-efficient way to perform clinical data collection.

Our team
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