OnlineCRF features

OnlineCRF fulfills all requirements for data collection in clinical projects

Features overview
Secured access
Only authorized personnel has access to data
Data pre-validation
Before data is saved to the database, it is checked against applicable ranges. Invalid data will not be saved to DB
AE/SAE reporting
Reporting form will notify the PV department via e-mail
Multiple users
System supports different roles: doctor, monitor, project manager, CTL and others
Query generation
In case of presence of questionable data, a CRA can generate queries and resolve them.
Any type of randomization can be set up before data collection is started
Easily monitor the progress of study
Calculated values
Some datapoints can be calculated automatically based on the previously entered data
Digital Signature
Principal investigator can sign CRFs which have been populated and checked
Audit trail
All corrected values are saved, along with a reason and user who made the changes.
Secured data transfer
All data transmitted between the web server and browser is encrypted
Multilevel backup
All data is backed up every two hours, and we store 12 subsequent copies at a physically separate server.
Trustworthy hosting
OnlineCRF hosted by servers which are located in Europe. Our cloud hosting provider serves Tesla, Slack and GitLab.
Interface can be rapidly translated to any language (only one language may be supported at a time)
Configurable roles
Users roles can be configured according to the needs of specific project and team
Medical Coding
MedDra dictionary is integrated to code medical terminology
You can set up limits to manage the number of enrolled subjects
Verify and freeze
CRA can mark selected CRFs as verified and freeze them to avoid any uncontrolled changes
SDTM mapping
Collected data can be mapped in accordance with SDTM to prepare it for subsequent electronic submission.
Data Export
Data can be exported at any time in SAS-compartible format. Populated CRFs can be saved as PDF.
Training Mode
This mode allows users to create “mock” eCRFs and generate queries before real data will be entered.
Real-time notification
Any type of entered data can generate auto-notification to the e-mail of responsible person.
Applicable ranges
For many types of data, we indicate applicable ranges and data format. If data doesn’t match, it is not saved to DB.
OnlineCRF allows the remote identification of “Risky” sites and performs some corrective or preventive actions.
Need more details?
We will conduct a review and give you advice of how to design a project and what aspects should be taken into account before the study begins
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