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Hybrid service in clinical trials

OnlineCRF is a flexible system, and we are a flexible company that provides a complementary set of services. If you need something different than OnlineCRF for rent or the outsourcing of data management services, we will give you a full list of the required activities for efficient data collection. You can choose from a list of services which can be performed by your company, while our Data Management team will cover the other activities.

In one project, we configure, validate the system and monitor enrollment activity. Another project may require medical coding and query generation. The specific set of activities is identified before data collection commences and you can involve any number of people to manage a project.

Starting from the list of activities, we identify what type of resources will be needed and which experts should be involved. As a result, we will develop a project plan and assemble a team that perfectly fits the project requirements.

If you need more services in the clinical trial field, anything is possible. Some services are covered by Pharmaxi and others can be delegated to our trusted provider and existing partners.

To learn more about our full service in clinical trials, please visit this page.

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