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OnlineCRF servises

The OnlineCRF team performs all type of tasks involving configuring, validating and supporting the data collection system during data collection. The full set of services depends on the kind of cooperation.

Mode 1. OnlineCRF for rent

The system configured by us – data collection managed by your team.
We provide you with a fully configured system and still maintain the stable operation of the OnlineCRF system. We create user accounts for you, so your team can manage and monitor the progress and quality of data collection. In this case, we serve as a provider of data collection tools, and there is no need to pay us for data management and data cleaning services.
The full list of services provided within this type of collaboration can be found here.

Mode 2. DM outsourcing

The system configured by us, data collection and data cleaning are our tasks.
This type of cooperation includes all activities related to system validation and configuration. Additionally, we create accounts for Data Managers and Remote Monitors and our personnel constantly control site activity, identify bottlenecks, create queries and resolve them. These activities are performed in accordance with remote monitoring plans, and it allows the collection of clean and reliable data.
The full list of services provided within this mode of collaboration is here.

Mode 3. Hybrid service

If you need a specific combination of activities which can’t be entirely fulfilled by Mode 1 or Mode 2, we can assemble the list of services which are relevant for your particular project. In a single project, we configure, validate the system and monitor enrollment activity. Another project requires medical coding and query generation. The specific set of activities is identified before data collection starts, and you can involve any number of people to manage a project.
More details on hybrid mode are here.

Mode 4. Full service

If you want to utilize data collection in any study, we offer a complete service. In such cases, we involve the Pharmaxi Clinical Operations department and thoroughly research your goals. During the next stages we develop the synopsis, protocol, create Case Report Forms (CRFs) and other documents. We guide the project through on-site monitoring, statistical processing and up to the Final Study Report. If your particular project needs specific expertise or covers vast geographic areas, we engage our trusted partners to perform a full high-quality service.
The full list of services provided within this mode of collaboration is here.

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