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data collection system

For postmarketing surveillance (PMS) studies

For clinical trials

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For the medical
devices investigations

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For post-approval

For post-approval studies

The most important features for PMS study

In the EDC systemfor post-marketing studies, special functions are implemented.
Here are the most important functions for this type of project:


Simple eCRF

In postmarketing surveillance (PMS) studies, the doctor works with a large group of patients. To simplify the work of researchers, we use simple eCRFs.


Interactive Dashboard

An interactive tool for real-time monitoring. Dashboard helps with 3-click evaluate to see the dynamics of the study and find bottlenecks.


Multilevel backup
for data safety

All data is backed up every hour, and we store 24 subsequent copies on physically separate servers. In case of any problems or damage to the server, the data can be restored.



OnlineCRF allows the remote identification of “risky” sites and performing of some corrective or preventive actions.

OnlineCRF complies
with the industry standards


Why we differ


Fast startup

3 weeks from approved Protocol and paper CRF to the start of data collection.


Safe data storage

The ability to choose a data center in accordance with the requests of the client. For example, we can select a safety data center close to your location.


Powerful and stable

The system collects data qualitatively, in a way that is stable and uninterrupted throughout the project duration.

In-built activity tracking module

Premium user support

Expert team will be responsible for user support. We provide quick feedback for requests during the clinical data collection period.

Case studies:
Post-marketing Study (PMS)

The OnlineCRF team has implemented an EDC system for different post-marketing studies.
See all details in our case study.

Icon Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease druds. NIS.

OnlineCRF has created an EDC system for data collection and remote monitoring. Data collection was carried out with the participation of 100 centers and 5000 patients for 8 months.

Read more

Responsible for PMS project success

Olena Tkachuk

Olena Tkachuk

Head of Clinical

Olena has a master’s degree in pharmacy, and she has been working in the field of clinical research for over 2.5 years.

Olena oversees project managers in clinical trials. She organize the project team’s tasks and oversee the implementation of all study deadlines. Due to this, all project deadlines are respected, and all obligations to the client are fulfilled on time.

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