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data collection system

For clinical trials (1-4 phases)

For clinical trials

For clinical trials

For the medical
devices investigations

For the medicaldevices investigations Read more

For post-approval

For post-approval studies Read more

The most important features for pre-approval clinical trial

In the EDC system for clinical trials, special functions are implemented.
Here are the most important functions for this type of project:



of users’ roles: CRA, Investigator, project manager, data manager.


Several (multiple)
version support

Several versions of CRFs which are available for selected study sites.


No stop data collection
during the update

The update process does not interfere with the team’s work.


Complex eCRF

OnlineCRF supports multiple levels of eCRF with complex structure.


Unscheduled visit

We can implement an interface to work with repeated visits, unscheduled visits, unscheduled form, etc.


Lab data

Set normal ranges for lab data and the EDC system will give warnings for incorrect data entry.


Medical Coding

MedDra dictionary is integrated to code medical terminology.


Secured access

Secure storage of data and multi-level backup for restoring data in emergencies.


Premium user support

Dedicated team will be responsible for user support. We provide quick feedback for any type of request.

OnlineCRF complies
with the industry standards


Why we differ


Fast startup

4 weeks from approved Protocol and paper CRF to the start of data collection


No heavy load for your team

We only need up to 8 hours of your time to produce a ready-to-go EDC system. All other preparation processes are undertaken by our team.


Unprecedented flexibility

We can configure any type of eCRF. We can also configure a custom function for your specific project's requirements.

In-built activity tracking module

Attention to detail

Before EDC system configuration, we study provided documentations and identify consistency.

Case studies:
Pre-approval clinical trials

The OnlineCRF team has implemented EDC system for different pre-approval clinical trials.
See all details in our case studies.

Icon Prostate cancer drugs. III phase study

OnlineCRF has developed an electronic system for collecting data in 8 member countries. Data collection was carried out with the participation of 35 centers and 184 patients.

Read more
Icon The herpes medicine. I phase study

OnlineCRF has created an EDC system for data collection and study control. An open randomized clinical trial of phase 1 in 2 parallel groups with the participation of 20 healthy volunteers.

Read more

Responsible for EDC system stability and availability

Roman Yanovish

Roman Yanovish

Chief Technical

Roman has worked in the IT sphere for more than 15 years. He has worked for 6 years in electronic systems for clinical trials.

He organizes the work of the IT team, ensures the development of the platform, and implements new functions that are required by international practices and industry requirements. Thanks to competent team management, it provides stability and user convenience to the system.

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